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The working Group Meeting of Collaborative relationship in investment and trade between Provinces of

In October 13th, CFNA organized Joint Working Group on Trade and investment cooperation China province and USA Iowa (hereinafter referred to as the "working group") conference, American and Hebei, Heilongjiang,Jilin, Liaoning four provinces the competent commerce department is mainly responsible for comrades to attend. CCCFNA Bian Zhenhu association president and all the Secretariat staff to. The beauty of Iowa's representative office in China, USA Grain Association, American Soybean Export Council and other 16 beauty agencies in China and Sino USbusiness representatives attended the 13 day morning meeting.Conference 2015 Chinese four province and the beauty of Iowa to carry outtrade and investment promotion activities, and conducted research on theworking group in 2015 working target and plan.

The basic situation, the meeting

(a) delegates to be fully aware of the importance of Sino US trade and investment cooperation in the province. The implementation of the follow-up work of the visit of President Xi Jinping minister and Gao Hucheng important instructions spirit, pragmatic cooperation in promoting the Sino US state,has important practical and strategic significance. One is the two countrieswill promote economic growth, expanding employment, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, accord with the fundamental interests of the two peoples. The two is the province of state cooperation is the important base of support for relations between the two countries deepened developmentand driving force, is "to promote, strengthen the local federal" beautiful work of the new starting point, has a strategic significance. Three is thedeepening of Sino US interests dependence, is conducive to the stability ofSino US economic and trade relations, plays an important role in promoting the world economy strong, sustainable, balanced development.

(two) members of the working group on communication 2015 beauty work arrangement. Food soil chamber of Commerce as the Secretariat, willactively fulfill their duties of the Secretariat in the Ministry of Commerce,under the guidance of in addition, send the 7 batch to American economic and trade investment promotion and Exhibition Group (the 2-3 group ofIowa), invited us to participate in the "global oil and oilseed industry Summit", "International Conference Chinese meat" etc.. Hebei province plans to send at least 6 batch of trade and investment promotiondelegations to the United States to carry out economic and trade activities(including the Iowa 2-3 batch), further tap potential of cooperation will be invited to the United States in 2015; "China Langfang internationaleconomic and trade fair". Heilongjiang province plans to take the "butt +research + Exhibition" mode, strengthen and deepen economic and trade cooperation and Iowa, environmental protection and agricultural development cooperation with the Multi-National Corporation, the organization participate in organized in Yizhou pork Expo trade show,agricultural development; invited the United States to participate in the"2015 China Russia expo". Jilin province to make full use of the "Chicago Exhibition Center", strengthen the deep processing and technologycooperation between enterprises, to organize the enterprises to participate in "China brand goods American Exhibition", and the use of ComprehensiveBonded Zone preferential policies do investment; invited the United Statesin Northeast Asia Expo 2015 held in September "". Liaoning province in March, May, to be held in 2015 September organized the 3 batch tobeautiful investment economic and trade negotiation activities (including the 2 batch of AI state), plan and organize enterprises to participate in fairterritory American 4.

(three) beauty agencies in China and Sino US enterprise about 2015 work plan, the two sides to seek cooperation point. The beauty of Iowa's representative office in China, the U.S. Grains Council, American Soybean Export Council, Jia Ji, ADM, DuPont, Wells Fargo, Yibo foundation 16beauty institutions in China and Sino US agriculture, investment, finance and insurance industry representatives attended the morning session, we mainly introduced 2015 year key projects associated with the four province and the work plan. The two sides on behalf of actively seeking cooperation,four provincial representative of site invited some multinational companiesrepresent new energy and environmental protection projects such aspesticides, hybrid corn in the field investigation, the discussion cooperation.

Two, the working group in 2015 working target and plan

After full discussion, the working group reached the following consensus on the 2015 work plan and goal:

(a) the working target. Enterprise oriented, in order to achieve the enterprise interests as the working target, the promotion of Sino US trade and investment cooperation in a pragmatic, state and open attitude to promote.

(two) the work plan. Around the working target, intends to optimize the allocation of resources, and further integration of the four provincial economic and trade plan of beauty. The working group in 2015 work plan can be "two out of two in the survey of four provinces, matchmaking and promoting win-win". Specific include:

Will 1 times 1, organization years to video conferencing or face-to-faceexchanges, will stage, meeting way, site from the two sides agreed.

2, plan to carry out economic and trade exchanges AI two times, which is intended to visit with the leaders of the Ministry to reserve 1 times, the Secretariat organized the 1 times. The specific time for the Ministry of Commerce issued after visit plan.

3, combining with the existing annual meeting or four Province Economic and trade platform (such as Expo), plans to invite the AI state governments,industries and enterprises to visit to China two times. To each industry of a certain region, as the key to promote the subject, urged the trade and investment projects bear fruit.

4, planning "four province", let the state government, industry and enterprise in-depth four province fieldwork, hold project meeting.

5, play food soil chamber of Commerce as the Secretariat of thematchmaking and integration of the guiding role, exchange, improve the efficiency of. The Secretariat has built province cooperation in the work site,the initial completion of Sino US bilateral trade and investment to project information database, trade investment core institutions and businessinformation database, trade and investment policies and regulationsdatabase, trade and investment exchange base finishing assembly work,and shall be announced on the website. At the same time, will actively andAI State Economic Development Department, jointly formulate the exchanges of visits and the main economic and trade exchanges schedule,for the reference of each unit job planning.

6, the Secretariat further with the AI state government, industry associations, research institutions, financial institutions, consulting companyestablished extensive and in-depth contact, address both the mutual information asymmetry ask

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